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Pleased to announce the release of 『アニメが悪くない』, “anime is not bad”. Vol. 1!
A chiptune anisong compilation that myself and friends put together, such as Melt Channel, Space Boyfriend, Cyclops Rock and other great artists.

I contributed a song that means a lot to me and has always been a dream to play live and have people mosh and get sweaty to. Please check it out!

Download the compilation, find more information and check out the other artists at:

Hi I made a track for this, please check it out


Anonymous asked:

If I wanted to make music like yours, where would I start? I've sort of looked this up online, but it seems so overwhelming @_@ What's your process like? Any tips for noobs? Thanks!




Vacation Wasteland was made entirely (barring guitar and drums) with a program called LSDJ which you can find here (its super super cheap):
It runs on all models of Game Boy, I use a pair of DMGs (the original big grey bricks) for live shows and recording 

You can put it on a flashcart (which you can then use with a gameboy), which you can buy from various places for about 30-40 dollars, Kitsch Bent is a really good place for things like this and they restock on these carts pretty often:

If you don’t want to invest in a flashcart just yet you can run LSDJ through an emulator of which there are TONS.

As far as using LSDJ, there’s a bit of a learning curve but its extremely powerful once you get the hang of it and one of my favorite platforms to make music on. Plus being able to write music wherever you go is really pleasant.

There are plenty of LSDJ tutorials online and you can find .sav files from artists you like here and there, I don’t like the idea of posting the .sav for the whole EP online for everyone to get, but if anyone wants it, just ask and I’d be more than happy to send it if you want to look through a bunch full songs and see how they’re made.

Alternatively, the other program I’ve been using a bunch is Famitracker:
Which is free and if you’re familiar with trackers (LSDJ is also a tracker interface) it’s pretty easy to just jump right into. 

As with anything, once you get the basics down there’s so many fun things to try out and when it comes to authentic chiptune there’s so many tricks and methods that you’re bound to discover for yourself or want to learn how to replicate and thats part of the fun!

If anyone ever has any specific questions or needs some advice I’d be more than happy to share what I know! I’m not a fully fledged wizard, but I like to help~



Top secret Doctor Who script found (and returned) by student in taxi on night out

If you found a top secret script for a new episode of one of TV’s most popular shows, would you be able to hand it straight back without releasing any spoilers?

That’s exactly what one Cardiff student did after finding a Doctor Who script in the back of a Cardiff taxi.

Hannah Durham stumbled upon the script for a forthcoming episode of the sci-fi show during a night out with friends.

Producers, scriptwriters and fans of Doctor Who thanked her for returning the missing script and preventing precious plot details from being leaked online.

Hannah told WalesOnline she was unaware of the significance of the find until she was bombarded with praise from the show’s “Whovian” fans.

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